Satta Matka Glossary: 13 Common Terms Used in the New Matka Game

Satta matka is a real popular game in India. It has it’s own identity and audience which is really famous among many people in India. Satta matka game has it’s own words and dictionary for the players and there unique set of rules. Whether you are a newbie, intermediate or experienced player understanding these terms will help you in your match experience. Here are some frequently used terms in the world of Satta matka. Satta Matka is a form of gambling that originated in India and involves betting on the opening and closing rates of cotton transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange.

1. Matka- It derived from the word called “earthen pot” in English because in the past results were drawn from it. Matka also referes to the game itself.

2. Satta- This word derives from Urdu language called “betting”. It is the main heart of the game where people place bets on the numbers.

3. Single- This is the most basic game of the satta matka game. In this game people place their bets on single digits from 0-9. If they get the number which they choose. They’ll surely be winning that round.

4. Double- This is double risky game and with double the profit then “Single”. In this game players select 2 numbers from 00-99. If both the selected number came then the person who place the risk on those number will get the reward.

5. Panna- In this game players have to choose 3 digit & this game name is derived from the name “panel”. Players can choose their 3 numbers if their 3 number combination comes then they will get the reward according to the amount.

6. Open- The first digit of the result in a Matka game. In this game players can bet on the open number along with other types of bets.

7. Close- The last digit of the result in a Matka Game. In this game players can bet on the closing number along with other types of bets.

8. Sangam- Sangam is a word which means combination or meeting. In this game players can combine their OPEN, CLOSE & JODI numbers to form a single triple digit number. If their selected number comes as an outcome, they’ll be getting a huge victory.

9. Bookie- Bookie are the nerves of the game and they manages the Satta Matka game and facilitates betting among players. Bookies are also known as “Bookmaker”.

10. Khaiwal- This is the most crucial duty of collecting all the amounts from the players and manages the payout as well. Khaiwal plays the very functioning role in Satta Matka market.

11. Cycle Patti- It is a type of betting where players can play the game while numbers are being arranged in a cycle pattern. They can bet on 1 combination or as many combinations as they want it’ll only increase the possibility of winning

12. Farak- The difference between the open and close numbers in a Matka result is called Farak. Players can play on the difference between open and close as well to win.

13. Half Sangam- Similar to Sangam, half Sangam involves combining two out of three numbers (open, close, or Jodi) to form a single number. Players can place bets on half Sangam for potential winnings.

Knowing these terms will not only increase your Satta Matka experience but also make your decision more powerful & informed. Whether it is traditional Matka markets or exploring online platforms, knowing the game’s terminology is key to success and winning.

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